How to Remove a Facebook Virus?

How to Remove a Facebook Virus?

How to Remove a Facebook Virus?

Have you become the latest victim of the Facebook virus?

Don’t worry you are not alone. This is one of the fastest growing viruses in the world. If infected you need to conduct a Facebook virus removal as soon as possible.

With the growing popularity of social networks it should come as no surprise that virus creators are now targeting them to spread infections. There are a few different ways you can become infected.

1. Getting infected through a friend whose account has been infected as well. Sometimes they will post a link on your page that contains a malicious code within it. Your friend won’t even know their account has been hacked until it’s too late.

Futuristic virus protection with glowing low polygonal shield and virus cells.

2. Downloading a malicious Facebook application. With so many applications out there now, make sure you pay extra attention to what applications you are permitting access to.

3. Receiving a dangerous link from someone that you don’t know. You should only add friends who you really know and don’t add random people. I say this especially for the guys who get friend requests from beautiful women. Often times it’s a hacker with malicious intent.

Once you’ve noticed these changes you must do two things. First you need to change your password as it most likely has been phished out. The virus will use your profile to message your own friends and continue spreading itself.

Second you are in need of a Facebook virus fix. Once the virus gets onto your computer it will attempt to ruin the hard drive and steal private information. So how do you remove the infection before it gets worse?

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