IT & Networking

Networking & Wireless Setup

Most of the offices and even residential homes have more than one computer these days. Therefore, a computer network can easily be built and setup. Basically, a network is made out of two or more computers. The main reason of having a computer network up and running is to share files (documents, folders, pictures, etc) or any other computer resources. Through a network, we can also use a printer or even setup servers workstations. All the operating systems (both Apple & Microsoft based operating systems) have the necessary network features. Our IT Network Engineers have the ability and the experience to build a computer networks whether they are small, medium or large computer networks!

Wireless Networks

A wireless computer network is a network that functions through a router that distributes an Internet Wireless Connection. Either you use a Cable modem (Comcast) or a DSL connection (AT&T), a wireless network can be set up. Computer Repair Fort Lauderdale can easily assist you in setting / building a wired (cable based) network or a wireless network (router based).

Office (Business) Wireless Network

Wireless networks are usually used at most of the places. Though, a wireless network can’t always be set up to be used as a network, due to the fact that many software companies don’t allow a wireless connection to be used for transferring, accessing, sharing or just using their software (program) as a network resource.

Protect your computer with a firewall

Without a firewall, malicious hackers can use, access or just send unwanted viruses to your computer. The right firewall can help with protecting your computer from virus, spyware, malware (call us for Virus Removal Ft Lauderdale: 954-934-5342), destruction of files, identity theft and so on.